Lost and Found

Note: The Retired Employees' Association has not verified the source of these requests; respond only if you are familiar with the requester.

  • Nona Gooley (Email: Nonayoung@ymail.com) is looking for retirees who worked for Department of Water & Power PD&C in the 1960's & 1970's.
  • Michael Anger (Email: Xmike@sbcglobal.net) is looking for Bob Goto, Engineer, PDD or anyone that remembers me on 8th fl. Old GOB.
  • Robert Stasiak (email: machinistbob@icloud.com) is looking for Ernie Ulate recently returned from Las Vegas.
  • If you worked with Eddie Leon ('50-'88) from Water Engineering Design, please call his daughter, Lenore, at 214-794-8241.
  • Shirley Maxwell (perfectpeace7777@msn.com) is looking for Cliff Yost

Check to see if someone is looking for you, or you can ask our webmaster to post a "missing retiree" notice for you to find a co-worker or friend from your DWP past. Indicating where the person worked will usually have better results. Good Hunting!